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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning has never been more seamless with Radiant Cleaners. After completing your renovation or construction project, our skilled cleaning professionals in Corpus Christi, TX eliminate dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring your newly customized space shines with brilliance while prioritizing safety.

radiant cleaning services

What Sets Radiant Cleaners’ Post-Construction Cleaning Apart:

Post-Construction Cleaning Defined:

Post-construction cleaning is the essential phase after construction concludes. While contractors typically clear large debris, the remnants of dust, smudges, scuffs, and minor construction materials may linger. Radiant Cleaners ensures a meticulous cleanup, preparing your space for immediate use.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Radiant Cleaners is dedicated to preserving the integrity of freshly untouched materials, preparing them for the introduction of new furniture and décor. Our post-construction cleaning services encompass:


  • Surface Restoration:
      • Removal of surface dust, dirt, and scuff marks.
      • Gentle cleaning of new flooring and walls using non-toxic solutions, maintaining their pristine condition.
  • Fixture and Appliance Care:
      • Thorough cleaning of appliances and fixtures.
      • Expert vacuuming, dusting, and wiping using eco-friendly products to prevent discoloration or warping.
  • Delicate Touch on Woodwork:
      • Precise touch-ups on baseboards, trim, and doorframes.
      • Cleaning without scuffing, scratching, or affecting fresh paint or stain.
  • Tile and Brick Scrubbing:
      • Detailed cleaning of tiles and bricks after masonry work.
      • Careful removal of concrete and grout, ensuring a sanitary and appealing space.
  • Cabinet, Drawer, and Closet Cleaning:
      • Comprehensive cleaning inside cabinets, drawers, and closets.
      • Removal of accumulated dirt and dust, leaving every concealed area spotless.
  • Upholstery Vacuuming:
    • Gentle vacuuming of upholstery.
    • Elimination of fine dust settled on furniture during construction, reaching even the least visible nooks and crannies.

Advantages of Choosing Radiant Cleaners:

  • Swift Enjoyment: Experience your renovated space sooner.
  • Time Efficiency: Save time with our efficient cleaning services.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid purchasing your own cleaning supplies.
  • Thorough Organization: Enjoy a meticulously cleaned and organized space.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Plan our cleaning service in advance of your project’s completion.

Beyond post-construction cleaning, Radiant Cleaners offers various specialty cleaning services, providing unparalleled convenience for you and your family. Trust Radiant Cleaners for a post-construction experience that exceeds expectations, where every detail reflects our commitment to excellence.

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